GARY S. CUSTER Navajo Tufa Cast Sterling & Turquoise Naja


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  • Fabulous sterling silver cast naja with spiderweb turquoise by famed Navajo silversmith Gary Custer.
  • Gary S. Custer is a Navajo (Dine’) silversmith who uses tufa cast silver to express his artistic abilities. He was born in Ft. Defiance, Az and raised on the Navajo Nation.His clanships includes:
    Todich’iilnii (Bitter Water Clan)
    Naneesht’eshi Tachii’nii (Charcoal-streaked Division of the red running into the water)
    Tsi’naajinii (Black-Steaked-wood) people are his maternal Grandfathers.
    Dziltl’ahnii (Mountain Cove) are his paternal Grandfather’s.Gary’s parents are longtime silversmiths and have a well-known background in traditional Navajo sandcast jewelry. He is self-taught through exposure to this family and hard work and practice.
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Naja Size
2-1/8″ long and 2-1/4″ at the widest point
Tufa Cast Sterling Silver, Turquoise
Chain Size
Weight in grams
Artist’s Identity
Gary S. Custer, Navajo Silversmith
GSC, Sterling