Navajo (Dine’) Rugs


Most noteworthy, we buy and sell vintage Navajo (Dine’) Rugs. Most notably, these rugs are authentic and originate from this area of the United States. Consequently, all of our rugs are handmade with Native American Indian craftsmanship, with no aid of automated machines. In addition, we have several display cases with these rugs and the tools that make them. As a result, please come by and see our Navajo rug display.

First of all, Items are currently on full time display at our brick and mortar store in Tucson, Arizona and are subject to prior sale.

Rug Room at Tucson Indian Jewelry
Tucson Indian Jewelry Diamond Back Snake Cane





As a matter of fact, Tucson Indian Jewelry sells the Diamond Back Snake Cane, pictured in the corner of the cabinet above, to the set decorator of American Horror Story. Coincidently, the set decorator was searching the internet and spotted the can in the above picture on our website! Moreover, this snake skin cane is featured on Season 8 Episode 7 titled “Traitor” first airing October 24, 2018

Rug Room at Tucson Indian Jewelry


Not to mention, we feature small souvenir rugs at affordable prices.

In addition, we sell Navajo rug featuring earth tones of gray, tan, white and black.                                                                                          IMG_2932

As a matter of fact, here are Vintage Navajo rugs in interesting, colorful patterns!                                                                                                        

In like manner, we sell Navajo rug sizes to fit both your space and budget!                                                                                                             IMG_2926

By the same token, our Navajo rug inventory is always changing! Finally, come by today to see our latest additions!

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