A Profile of Local Tucson Arizona Silversmiths with Hallmarks😃

Firstly, we sell vintage American Indian turquoise and sterling jewelry. In particular, some jewelry have silversmiths hallmarks, and some do not. Secondly, we sell and represent local Tucson area Native American silversmiths.

Most importantly, these are nationally and internationally known local silversmiths who create one-of-a-kind pieces. Comparatively, a few of these silversmiths come from a long lineage of silversmiths, while others are first generation. Notably, these silversmiths train under the guidance of other talented silversmiths.

Adam Ramirez Silversmith with his Butterfly Pendant
Adam Ramirez

Adam Ramirez is a talented young jewelry artist and silversmith. As a matter of fact, Adam’s ancestry is that of both the Ute and Acoma Pueblos of New Mexico. Most interestingly, Adam is an apprentice of Rick Manuel, a world famous Tohono O’odham silversmith.

In addition, Adam’s unique signature style is three dimensional. Consequently, he often uses a shadowbox foundation to showcase his visions and interpretations of the desert environment he resides in. It’s important to note, every piece is unique and is a manifestation of Adam’s artistic imagination.

Adam Ramirez Ute/Acoma Pueblo Hallmark
Adam Ramirez Hallmarks

In conclusion, Adam Ramirez’s hallmarks include his initials: AR. His hallmarks also includes an Arrow (homage to Adam’s ancestors) and 3 dots representing Orion’s Belt.

As a matter of fact, through purchasing Adam Ramirez jewelry, you are helping support this young local Tucson resident of Ute/Acoma Pueblo heritage.

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James Fendenheim is a graduate of the prestigious Santa Fe Institute of American Indian Art in New Mexico. Also, he is also a former instructor at the Institute. As a matter of fact, James has a German father and his mom is Tohono O’odham. For one thing, his work wins numerous awards. Additionally, he participates in the prestigious Santa Fe Indian Market as well as shows at the Smithsonian Institution and the Heard Museum. Most notably, each one of his pieces are one-of-a-kind and handmade.                                                                                                                                                                                    Significantly, James resides in Tucson, Arizona, and we purchase his pieces directly from him. In conclusion, he is a legend in the Native American Indian Jewelry business.

James Fendenheim Tohono O'odham HallmarkBy all means, through purchasing James Fendenheim jewelry, you are helping support this local Tucson resident of Tohono O’odham heritage. 

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Tim and Rebecca Yazzie surround Christy of Tucson Indian Jewelry. In this case, Tim is pointing at one of his fabulous pieces of jewelry.

Tim Yazzie’s mother is of the San Felipe Pueblo and his Father is Navajo. Tim Yazzie grows up in New Mexico at the San Felipe Pueblo. Interestingly, his maternal Grandmother makes beautiful pueblo pottery, and his paternal grandfather was a rug maker and silversmith.

For one thing, he draws all of designs free-hand on the silver. Furthermore, he allows the silver, and the other materials that he is using, to guide his creative process. Consequently this develops the ideas that he sees in his mind. Moreover, using the finest materials, he is now creating new designs. To be sure, each is unique and beautiful, pushing his native pueblo art to new horizons.

In other words, his work is “pueblo style” and features intricate silver overlay work with Southwestern motifs. Most notably, the metal Tim Yazzie uses is sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy. In addition, to see a video of Tim at work, please check the Tim Yazzie Video page on this website.

Most importantly, through purchasing Tim Yazzie’s jewelry, you are helping support a local Tucson Native American Indian silversmith.

Tim Yazzie Navajo / San Felipe Pueblo Hallmark
Tim Yazzie Hallmark

Last but not least, Tim participates in Indian Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is a highly respected show and judges jury and select silversmith to participate in this prestigious show!

Through purchasing Tim Yazzie jewelry, you are helping support this local Tucson resident of Navajo/San Felipe Pueblo heritage. 

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Rick Manuel is one of only a few silversmiths from the Tohono O”odham tribe, who’s reservation is just West of Tucson, Arizona. As a matter of fact, his tribe was formerly known as the “Papago”. Rick was born in Sacaton, Arizona in 1950 and and is one of the oldest enrolled with the Tohono O’Odham Nation. Coincidently, he is a self-taught silversmith and begins experimenting with overlay work in 1976. His first pieces were desert scenes that he took from around the villa.

His work is very distinct, featuring *sterling silver overlay with desert symbols from his culture. *sterling silver overlay is where a sheet of sterling silver has figures cut with a jewelers saw, and then that sheet is soldered to a back plate of sterling silver. Black contrast is added to accent the figures and cut-out work.

Rick Manuel “Coyote Clan” Hallmarks

The metal Rick uses is sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy. Rick never marks his jewelry with a “sterling” mark. Rick’s comment to us is that if you know his work, he only uses sterling silver. His sterling silver earring hooks are hand twisted. They are not manufactured, as is the case with most earring hooks. 

Through purchasing Rick Manuel jewelry, you are helping support this local Tucson resident of Tohono O’odham heritage. 

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QUINTON ANTON Tohono O’odham Desert Landscape Sterling Silver Ring

Quinton Anton is a young talented Tohono O’odham silversmith living in the Tucson area. In Quinton’s work, you can see the influences of the other Tohono O’odham silversmiths who work in our area.

                                                                          Quinton Anton uses the initials EQ as his hallmark on his jewelry. The letter E represents his beloved wife named Emma, who has passed on. You can see that Quinton uses a variety of materials and original designs in his work.

His production is limited, and we are fortunate to have some of his pieces for sale in our inventory. Pictures only show so much, so we would encourage you to come down to our brick and mortar store to view, touch, and feel the beautiful work from the silversmiths we represent.

Emma and Quinton Anton Tohono O'odham Hallmark
Emma and Quinton Anton Tohono O’odham Hallmark

Through purchasing Quinton Anton jewelry, you are helping support this local Tucson resident of Tohono O’odham heritage.

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