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Tim and Rebecca Yazzie at Santa Fe Indian Market Aug 2019
Tim and Rebecca Yazzie at Santa Fe Indian Market Aug 2019

First of all, Tim Yazzie is a Silversmith with roots in both the Navajo and San Felipe cultures. Most importantly, Tim studies silversmith skills under Hopi Master Silversmith Chalmers Day. In addition, Chalmers Day, gains silversmithing knowledge through the Hopi Master Silversmith Preston Monongye. As a result, most apprentices show characteristics in their work of the artist they study under. Correspondingly, Tim’s work incorporates the sterling silver overlay techniques of his elders.

Most notably, Tim prays for inspiration for each creation he approaches. By the same token, below is a short video clip of Tim creating a solid sterling silver plaque. As a matter of fact, Tucson Indian Jewelry commissions this plaque.

First of all, Tim starts with a sterling silver sheet. Secondly, he painstakingly lays out with and etches a freeform design. Most notably, he performs this task without the use of pre-made templates. In addition, Tim cuts his unique pattern with a jewelry saw. Consequently, Tim must first drill miniature holes in key points of his design, in order to insert his saw blade. Also, if a silversmith does not precisely operate the saw blade with even pressure, he has to replace it more often. 

Comparatively, the jewelry saw blade is as thin as a thick horse hair! Furthermore, Tim then solders the sheet of silver with the cut out pattern to another solid sheet of silver. Finally, he applies a  blackening chemical to the rear plate, in order to highlight his cutout design.

Tim Yazzie Preparing Bracelets from Dwight Schannep on Vimeo.

Most notably, Tim’s studio is in his home. In addition, he sells his jewelry in many fine Native American Art Galleries across the Southwest. Finally, we hope you enjoy his video and learn a little about the hard work which goes into each and every one of his creations. In conclusion, to view jewelry on this website, which is created by Tim Yazzie, please click HERE!

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