Above all, Tucson Indian Jewelry is always purchasing single pieces to entire collections. Markedly, for over 30 years now! 

   Moreover, sell your jewelry

to us!

Furthermore, we pay you Highest Prices! 

⊗ Most importantly, please do not sell your jewelry to a metal refinery! By the same token, their intent (and fate) of your jewelry is clearly in their name! Not to mention, do you really want to melt your family’s heirloom jewelry? Furthermore, refiners often destroy your beautiful turquoise stones!

First of all, we carefully examine the attributes of your Native American Indian Jewelry. By all means, just bring in your pieces to our local (centrally located) brick and mortar store!

Indeed, we are a “Mom and Pop” locally owned business. Significantly, we pay you a fair price. In any event, we examine: the artistry, weight, quality of turquoise, and notoriety of the silversmith. In conclusion, we then resale your precious jewelry to someone who is going to love and cherish your family’s pieces!

⊗ Most importantly, please don’t sell you jewelry for it’s weight alone. Obviously, it is worth well over that price! Most notably, we take into account the other factors including the artistry and beauty! Most surprisingly, some shops throw your jewelry on a scale and pay you for “weight”. Furthermore, these businesses actually deduct money for the weight of the stones!

To summarize, sell to us…We pay the most! 

(Uniquely, we are a local Family business / 30 years in Business in Tucson)

Given these points, visit us (please check days & hours of operation on our American Antique Mall.com calendar).

3130 E. Grant Road @ Country Club (Southeast corner across from Doolen Jr. High)

Alternately, contact us 24 hours a day via email with pictures and asking prices (in any event, it is better for us to personally see your jewelry):


Also, you may contact us between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MST – Mountain Standard Time on our personal cell phone:

(520) 419-1270


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