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Most notably, below is a complete scan of a rare booklet of the famous Tucson silversmiths Alberto Contreras and Sons. Likewise, the Contreras family distributes this booklet to advertise their unique Southwest jewelry. Consequently, Alberto is no longer with us, but the dynasty lives on through several of his sons who are still in the jewelry business in Tucson, Arizona. Furthermore, according to Michael’s website: 

  • First of all, there are six sons in the family.

  • Secondly, the son’s begin their apprenticeship in silversmithing when they are in the first grade

  • Thirdly, Alberto Contreras learns silversmithing from Frank Patania Sr.

  • Fourthly, Their first store is inside a local drug store. Their second and third stores are on Ash Alley in Tucson. Their last shop is on Drachman in Tucson.

  • Finally, Frank Patania’s influence is evident in Contreras silversmithing today.

Most noteworthy, the Contreras family is one of three world renown silversmith families from Tucson, Arizona. Equally important, the other famous silversmiths include Carlos Diaz and the Patania Family. Furthermore, you will see each other’s influences in their prospective jewelry!

Of course, Tucson Indian Jewelry proudly sells vintage Contreras family Southwest Jewelry. Although technically not Native American Indian, their Southwest style jewelry exhibits exceptional and original handmade craftsmanship. Moreover, to see a few examples of their jewelry for sale on this website, please click HERE!

Alberto Contreras & Sons Jewelry Booklet. Namely, at the time of publication, the Contreras’ are at 146 W. Drachman.                                                                                          

To begin with: In a world of mass-produced machine-made jewelry, Alberto Contreras and sons stands alone. Individual craftsmanship is the credo for this family of talented artisans, a tradition for over three generations.                                                                                                      

The History of the Contreras Family

Moreover, Alberto Contreras is the
patriarch of the family                                                                           

First of all, Albert Contreras is the oldest son.  Uniquely, he starts learning the trade at around 8 years of age. His forte, at the time of this publication, is working with gold.                                                                              

Additionally, Michael Contreras is the second son. 
Notably, he currently works out of his Gallery on 6th Street. Aside from being a master silversmith, he is also a very talented artist! To view his website, please click HERE!                                                                           

Richard Contreras is the third son.
Sadly, Richard worked for a goldsmith here in Tucson, until the time of his passing.


Gregory Contreras is the forth son.   

Mark Contreras is the fifth son. Mark performs repairs for jewelry stores around Tucson. 

Patrick Contreras is the youngest of the sons.  
Patrick currently works for a jewelry repair shop here in Tucson.                                                                          

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