artist TIM YAZZIE Navajo Nation

Tim Yazzie is a Navajo / San Felipe / Santo Domingo silversmith. Tim Yazzie’s mother is from the San Felipe Pueblo and his Father is Navajo. Tim Yazzie was raised in New Mexico in the San Felipe Pueblo. His maternal Grandmother was Santo Domingo and made beautiful pueblo pottery, and his paternal grandfather was a rug maker and silversmith.

He draws all of designs free-hand on the silver, and allows the silver and the other materials that he is using to guide his creative process and develop the ideas that he sees in his mind. Using the finest materials, he is now creating new designs, each unique and beautiful, pushing his native pueblo art to new horizons.

His work is considered “pueblo style” and features intricate silver overlay work with Southwestern motifs. Tim worked with well-known native artists like Chalmers Day and Jimmy Harrison The metal Tim Yazzie uses is sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy. To see a video of Tim at work, please check the Tim Yazzie Video page on this website. Through purchasing Tim Yazzie’s jewelry, you are helping support a local Tucson Native American Indian silversmith.

Last but not least, Tim has been honored to participate in Indian Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is a highly respected show and artists are juried and selected to participate in this prestigious show!

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