Native American Indian squash blossoms, necklaces, and cuffs
For example, Native American Indian squash blossoms, necklaces, and cuffs at Tucson Indian Jewelry

First of all, we  (love) turquoise jewelry!

Most notably, every week, we sell thousands of dollars of old and new Native Southwest turquoise jewelry. In addition, this jewelry includes both silversmith “signed” pieces and “unsigned” pieces.

Most noteworthy, an evaluation including an approximation of value and identification of YOUR Native American  jewelry costs you only $39.95 PER ITEM.  

* Furthermore, we can offer you a more cost effective “bundle” price.* (we verbally convey the information to clients, and they can record the evaluation or take notes)       

  1. First of all, we identify the Native American Indian tribe who make the piece with the style and artistic techniques in mind. 

  2. Secondly, we establish the approximate age of the piece according to it’s construction characteristics.

  3. Thirdly, we inform you of either the exact turquoise mine, or the probability of a certain mine, according on the attributes of the turquoise. Generally speaking, with our 30 years of experience, we examine the host rock, matrix patterns, and colors to determine the probable source of the turquoise.

  4. Finally, we convey to you the current fair market value of your piece. Chiefly, we take into account all the aspects of your jewelry, to determine the value.

  5. *Equally important…this service is NOT a formal written appraisal, but an identification of your jewelry and conveyance of the current fair market value. At the same time, your evaluation is based on over 30 years of experience and continuing education.

Most noteworthy, we are constantly visiting other Indian Jewelry dealers and their shops, Indian jewelry shows, as well as local and national Native American Indian Jewelry Markets. In addition, we utilize paid subscription internet websites for the latest information.

  • Above all, we create turquoise jewelry ourselves! As a matter of fact, as guest of Dean Otteson, we visit the Royston mining district and personally mine turquoise. Then again, as a guest of David Otteson, we visit the Broken Arrow Mine, the Big Nugget Turquoise Mine, and the Tree Frog Mine. Also, we are past guests of Freeport McMoran at the Bisbee turquoise tailing piles for multiple visits. Most notably, we cut turquoise from the rough stone, shape turquoise for jewelry, and silversmith to finish product (Pictures at the bottom of this page). Most recently, we visited the Cerrillos Turquoise mines, as a guest of the owner Todd Brown.

  • In reality, our 30 + years of experience of buying, selling, and evaluating turquoise jewelry is our foundation for your accurate verbal approximation of value.

  • Also, we regularly attend Native American Indian jewelry shows including the Santa Fe Indian Market each August. In addition, we always attend the Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows, and other local and regional Native American Indian jewelry Shows.

  • Full members authentic tribal art dealers association (ATADA)

  • Furthermore, we are members of The Heard Museum.
  • With this in mind, we regularly perform Indian Jewelry valuations.

Feedback from a recent client :

Hello Dwight: 

I want to thank you for the wonderfully detailed appraisal of my squash blossom necklace – right down to the details of the maker of the piece. Incredible work! I am astounded!

All the best,
John H.

Feedback from a recent client :

Thanks Dwight,

that is good news and as always you are great at both providing little tutoring and presenting a simple evaluation in a way that makes sense and is useful. Much appreciated, have a great day!!  

Jeff R.

Feedback from a recent client :

Hello Dwight,


Thank you, I truly appreciate the detailed information. This has helped me tremendously.



Connie D.

Feedback from a recent client :

Thank you very much for your evaluation – we greatly appreciate your expertise in helping us better understand what we have!

Brenden S.

Feedback from a recent client :

Good Evening Dwight,

I sincerely appreciate your thorough valuation, it is obvious you have knowledge and sources in the turquoise arena of trade.


Victoria M.

Feedback from a recent recent client :
Hi Dwight,
Thanks so much for this information.  It’s nice to know that it’s valuable–but even if it weren’t, I would love the pieces both for their reminder of my family history and how beautiful the turquoise is.  
I have one question–the turquoise has lasted for many years, but I’d like to know how I can best care for it. 
Karen W.

Feedback from a recent client:

Thank you so much for this!  What an interesting history these two cuffs have!  Thanks again for your promptness and research! 

Sincerely, Ann B.

PS is there anywhere you would like me to leave a glowing review?

Feedback from a recent client :

Thank you so much for all of your time and expertise!  The information you gave us is so very helpful!

Thanks again and again,

June & John

Feedback from a recent client :

Nicely done. Thanks a bunch. I will use you again and recommend others.

Pat C.


Feedback from a recent client :

Thank you so much! You gave me lots of good info — I appreciate your time! 😊

B. Jones

                                    Feedback from a recent client:


Thank you very much for your thorough and detailed evaluation. It does in fact exceed my expectations, and I would recommend you to anyone needing information on native American jewelry. 

Best Regards,


             Feedback from a recent client
Good morning

Thanks so much for your speedy appraisal.  This was a prized piece for me, and now it is even more so.  The info that you provided was very informative, and will help guide future purchases.

Thanks so much, Dwight, and no doubt you’ll hear from me again.
Best regards,


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