Santo Domingo Artist Jolene Bird Video

First of all, Jolene Bird is an accomplished Santo Domingo Pueblo artist. We first meet Jolene at the Tucson Indian Show. Moreover, the show takes place at the Desert Diamond Casino, just South of Tucson. Most noteworthy,  Jolene wins the title of “BEST OF SHOW” at the Tucson Indian Show. Consequently, this is the piece that the video features, with Jolene’s words describing the piece.

In addition, the other artists participating in the show, choose Jolene’s work because of her vision and creativity involved in this unusual inlaid gourd. What’s more, Jolene describes the process that took her 6 months to complete this inlaid gourd.

Finally, I hope this video gives you some insight into the artist’s vision and the amount of work which goes into her craft. To purchase a piece of Jolene Bird jewelry, please click HERE.

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