SENSA EUSTACE (attributed) Zuni Bee Stone & Silver Earrings


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  • Great design matches squash blossom that we have sold.
  • In scouring the internet, these are very rare!
  • Sensa Eustace, Zuni, was the daughter of Blake and Velma Lesansee, and the aunt of Daryl Shack, Sr. and the great aunt of Daryl Shack, Jr.
  • She originated the bee and dragonfly and firefly in her own jewelry and also in her parents Velma and Blake’s jewelry.
  • The legs on one earring has stamp work, the other earring does not.
Excellent Vintage as pictured
Length of Earrings
1-3/8″ long, 1″ wide at the widest point
Sterling Silver, Mediterranean Coral, Tortoise Shell, Abalone, and Mother of Pearl.
Weight in grams
Artist’s Identity
Attributed to Sensa Eustace, Zuni Silversmith