RAY TRACEY Navajo & KNIFEWING SEGURA Apache Sterling Pin


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  • This beautiful vintage pin is a collaboration between Ray Tracey (Navajo) & Knifewing Segura (Chiricahua Apache).
  • Both silversmiths work out of Gallup, near Zuni and their designs reflect Zuni influences.
  • Knifewing’s wife was Zuni.
  • The back of the pendant is signed with the combined hallmark for the two artisans and stamped Sterling.
  • The pieces they worked on together have a distinct hallmark of a conjoined TK with double feathers.
  • Ray Tracey’s Grandfather, Asa Tracey,  influenced Ray as a child growing up in Sawmill, Az.
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Materials Used
Kingman Water Web Turquoise, Black Onyx, Red Spiny Oyster, Sterling silver
Hallmarks / Artist
Ray Tracey and Knifewing Segura Feather, Sterling
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