NED NEZ Navajo Turquoise and Sterling Silver Bracelet Sz. 5-7/8


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  • Fabulous Older (small) Navajo 3 turquoise stone bracelet, created by award winning Navajo silversmith: Ned Nez.
  • Ned uses only the best quality turquoise stones in his handmade creations, and most are rare gem quality.
  • He uses mostly 18 gauge and 14 gauge silver for his jewelry making it very bold yet comfortable for everyday use. Nez includes many traditional Navajo designs stamped on his rings and bracelets giving his jewelry a classic look Navajo look. 
  • Beautiful medium blue turquoise with dark matrix set in serrated bezels and surrounded with “rope twist” and dew drop embellishments. Finished with fabulous stampwork!
  • The bracelet looks like it may have (later) been made smaller, as the rear termination design is shorter on one side than the other (as pictured)
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Bracelet Size  
(inside tip-to-tip)  
Gap in bracelet
(between tips) 


Height of bracelet
(at the front)  
5/8″ tall at face

Weight in grams   

Artist’s Identity
Ned Nez, Navajo Silversmith
N. Nez, Sterling