AL JOE Navajo Sterling & Coral Shadowbox Stamped Bracelet


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  • Fabulous Navajo Symmetrical Sterling Silver shadowbox bracelet with coral cabochons by award winning Alfred Joe.
  • In the first place, Al Joe uses stamping, overlay, and shadowbox techniques.  
  • Moreover, Al learns jewelry making skills from his uncle Colbert Joe.  
  • In addition, he is later attends Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona.
  • Al Joe receives IACA’s (Indian Arts and Crafts Association) Artist of the Year awards in both 2001 and 2009!
  • Also, he is a teacher to his son, Bryan Joe, and to his grandson, Derrick Joe, passing down his knowledge.  
  • Furthermore, Alfred also helps his younger brother, Larry Joe, get his start in jewelry making.
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Bracelet Size
(inside end-to-end)
Gap in bracelet (between ends)




Weight in grams

86.7 or 2.79 Troy Ounces
Artist’s Hallmarks
(stamped on back)
AJ, Sterling
Artist’s Identity
Alfred Joe, Navajo Silversmith