VICTOR COOHWYTEWA Hopi Sterling Silver Bracelet Size 6-7/8


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  • Early Victor Coochwytewa bracelet with lots of file marks and pre Hopi Guild membership!
  • Victor Coochwytewa was one of three Native American elders chosen as Arizona Indian Living Treasures at the seventh annual AILTA award ceremony in Phoenix in September 1994.
  • Victor was from Shungopavi and a member of the Water-House Clan. 
  • Victor was a decorated World War II Veteran (1922-2011). He began working in 1946, after returning from the war, learning his craft from Paul Saufkie and Fred Kabotie.  
  • Victor retired from Hopi Silversmithing in 2006 and lived with his family at Hopi.
  • Victor passed away at the age of 89 on July 3, 2011.
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Bracelet Size  
(inside tip-to-tip)  
Gap in bracelet
(between tips) 


Height of bracelet
(at the front)  
3/4″ tall

Weight in grams   

Artist’s Identity
Victor Coochwytewa, Hopi Silversmith
Rain Cloud