😥 SOLD – SADIE CALVIN Navajo Pilot Mountain Turquoise Cuff


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  • A massive, dramatic cuff originally purchased at Shush Yaz, Santa Fe (Tanner Family of Gallup).
  • To learn more about Shush Yaz, please click here.
  • Pilot Mountain Turquoise cuff bracelet by renown Navajo Silversmith Sadie Calvin.
  • Reference from Barton Wright’s Hallmark Book: Navajo, specializes in making molds for original casting as well as standard silver craft.
  • Sadie was a silversmith for the distinguished jewelry company B. G. Mudd of New Mexico.
  • The bezel is especially noteworthy, tiny serrations, fine twisted wire and on the outside, a stamped carinated wire. All mounted on both twisted wire and half-round. The terminals are meticulously finished with square wire.
  • The Pilot Mountain Turquoise is greener and much more vivid than the pictures depict.
  • The stone is stable, being surrounded on all sides by bezel. There are fissures and fractures in the stone, not uncommon due to the size of the stone and the age of the bracelet.
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                           Bracelet Size
(inside end-to-end)  
Gap in bracelet
(between ends) 


Height of bracelet
(at the front)  

Weight in grams   

Artist’s Hallmarks
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Artist’s Identity   
Sadie Calvin, Navajo Silversmith