😥 SOLD – RICHARD SINGER Navajo Sterling Silver Kokopelli Pendant


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  • Kokopelli spreads seeds for a good harvest, or gift women with children. Kokopelli signifies happiness and hope. 
  • Richard Singer is a third-generation Navajo artist. He is from Standing Horse Mesa on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, the Southwest USA.
  • Richard is of the Ta’neeszahnill (Tangle) Clan, born for the Kinyaa’a’snii (Tower House) Clan. Richard’s grandfather, Tsinnigine Hathali, was a Navajo Medicine Man and silversmith.
  • Tsinnigine Hathali taught his son Thomas “Tommy” Singer the art of silversmithing beginning at the age of seven. Richard learned silversmithing from his father Tommy.
Pendant Size
1″ wide x 3-1/2″ tall ( 4-7/8″ with Bale)
Sterling Silver
Chain Size
Weight in grams
Artist’s Identity
Richard Singer, Navajo Silversmith
R. Singer, Navajo, Sterling