😥 SOLD – ANDREW DEWA Zuni Inlay Stone and Sterling Silver Sunface Necklace


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  • Zuni Pueblo silversmith Andrew Dewa
  • Well known Zuni artist, Andrew Dewa is the son of Anita and Leroy Dewa, from who he learned the craft in his teens. 
  • Andrew made jewelry from the 1960’s to his passing in 2001.
  • His work is published in Zuni Jewelry, the Art and the People, Vol 2, by Barbara and Ed Bell, Zuni Jewelry, by Theda and Michael Bassman, Schiffer Publishing, Treasures of the Zuni, by Theda Bassman, and Zuni: A Village of Silversmiths, University of New Mexico Press, as well as others. 
  • He is most well known for his exquisite mosaic raised and carved inlay work often depicting figures such as rainbow men, shalakos, antelope dancers, and most commonly, sunfaces. 
  • His unique pieces were meticulously handmade of Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Coral, Mother of Pearl, Gold-lipped shell and Jet.
  • Unfortunately, Andrew passed away in April 2001. To view more great jewelry on this website, please click HERE!
Center = 1-7/8 across″, (2) Wings = 1-1/2″ long/ 3/4″ wide


Sterling Silver, Jet, Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, Red Coral,  and Gold Lip Shell

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Artist’s Identity 
Andrew Dewa, Zuni Silversmith
A. Dewa, Zuni