😥 TOBY HENDERSON Navajo BISBEE TURQUOISE and Sterling Silver Bracelet


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  • Stunning BISBEE Turquoise handmade bracelet!
  • I purchased this bracelet from Tony Cotner’s sister (Jan) at the Tucson Gem Show after Tony’s passing.
  • Tony Cotner was the owner of the Damele Mine on the Benny Damele Ranch.
  • The sticker on the back of the bracelet is Tony’s Bisbee Turquoise weight.
  • Tony Cotner personally told me that Toby Henderson was one of his favorite Navajo silversmiths and that he gave Toby stones from his own collection to make this piece.
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Toby Henderson was born in Phoenix, Arizona. His family is from the Borrago Pass Reservation in New Mexico. His relatives were all silversmiths including his mother Ella Long, his grandparents, Helen and Jim Long, and his Uncle Phillip Long and Tommy Long. Toby Henderson passed away in October 2019. 

Bracelet Size  
(inside tip-to-tip)  
Gap in bracelet
(between tips) 


Height of bracelet
(at the front)  

Weight in grams   

Artist’s Identity
Toby Henderson, Navajo (Dine’) Silversmith
TH, Sunrays, Handmade, Sterling, Navajo